Important Messages



Signing up for mentoring

As of 8/1 you can now sign up to

mentor campouts on this site.


Log in and go to the forms and look for

the Fall Mentor Sign-Up form.




Do you like to kick it up?


 We need help with the upcoming

kick-off parties.


If you are interested in helping

or finding out more details,

please click the "Sign Up to Volunteer" button

on the left side of the home page

or click the "My Account & Sign-Ups" menu item

 and fill out the Kick-Off Party sign-up sheet.




Got some time this semester?

We still could use a lot more volunteers

in all areas of HATS!

Please email if you are interested in helping.


Committee Chairs needed


We still need committee chairpeople for the following committees:


Kick-Off Meetings

Sweetheart Banquet: Prep

Sweetheart Banquet: Raffle

Boys Banquet

Contact Updater

November Fundraiser


If you are interested in leading any of those committees,

please contact the Volunteer Coordinator