Instructions for Activating a Student that is inactive

(Usually a 10th grader or above)


  • After logging into the site, on the home page click on “My Account & Sign-Ups”
  • In the list of forms click on “Contact Information”
  • Verify your info then click the “Next Step” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to go to your children’s information
  • Find the student you would like to activate and click the button “Click to reactivate <Student’s Name>”
  • Click the “Save” button in the bottom right corner of the screen

Important Messages



Signing up for dues

registration and volunteering.


Registration for the 2020-2021 year

is open


You are now able to use this site to sign up for

your yearly dues payment,

camping registration, mentoring, and



Log in and go to "My account and Sign-Ups" to see all of the forms



Helpful registration information

(Registration for 2020-21 is open)

You need to fill out a dues form for yourself and each of your children.


You will need to complete that registration and check-out before you will be able to sign-up for any campouts.


You will also need to fill out a campout form for each of your children.


Take a look at the Help menu if you have any questions.




Have some time this year?

We still could use a lot more adult

volunteers in all areas of HATS!


We even have some volunteer opportunities

for moms, step-moms, grandparents.


Please email

if you are interested in helping.


Specific Adult

Volunteer Opportunities


We could especially use some help in the following areas:


Kick-Off Meetings

Sweetheart Banquet: Prep

Sweetheart Banquet: Raffle

Boys Banquet

November Fundraiser


If you are interested in helping in any of those areas,

please contact the Volunteer Coordinator