Instructions for REGISTERING & paying your HATS dueS

      • Assuming you already have an account on the website, click on My Account & Sign-Ups.
      • This will take you to a list of Open Forms.
      • Dues are being done slightly differently in that you will fill out the form for yourself and a separate form for each student.
      • Click on the form called “Dues form - Parents”
        • If you are doing your registration before 7/31 the name of the form will be “Dues form – Parents – Summer Pricing”.
      • Add that your cart
      • You should now be back on the list of forms page
      • Find the form for each of your students and fill those out in the same manner. There are different forms depending on the grades of your children.  It will either be:
        • Dues form – Students 4th – 9th graders
        • Dues form – HATS alumni (mentoring or non-mentoring)
          • Due to insurance restrictions, we are now required to have HATS alumni who still want to mentor be full-paying Dues-only members.
          • If your alumni does not want to mentor but still wants to do things like go to the banquet, fill out this form but select the non-mentoring option (HATS Alumni who do not want to mentor) which is $0.  **NOTE** if you select this option you will not be able to sign up for campouts or mentor.
          • These older students need to be made “active” in the system if they want to mentor. See below for instructions on how to do that
        • Note: If you are doing your registration before 7/31 the form will be called as above but it will have “Summer Pricing” in the title as well.  If you are doing your registration after January 1st, the form will be called as above but it will have "Spring Pricing"
      • Students still listed who shouldn’t be or don’t see students that you want listed
        • If there is a student listed that you do not want to pay for at this time, please contact Megan for further instructions.
        • If you need to make one of your older students active so they can mentor please go back to the help menu and click on the link for "How to make an inactive student active".
    • After you have your and all your students in the cart, do the checkout.


Note: You must do all required forms listed before you will see the forms for any campouts.  Once you checkout for paying all of the dues, the camping forms will then be available to you to fill out.


Important Messages



Signing up for dues

registration and volunteering.


Registration for the 2020-2021 year

is open


You are now able to use this site to sign up for

your yearly dues payment,

camping registration, mentoring, and



Log in and go to "My account and Sign-Ups" to see all of the forms



Helpful registration information

(Registration for 2020-21 is open)

You need to fill out a dues form for yourself and each of your children.


You will need to complete that registration and check-out before you will be able to sign-up for any campouts.


You will also need to fill out a campout form for each of your children.


Take a look at the Help menu if you have any questions.




Have some time this year?

We still could use a lot more adult

volunteers in all areas of HATS!


We even have some volunteer opportunities

for moms, step-moms, grandparents.


Please email

if you are interested in helping.


Specific Adult

Volunteer Opportunities


We could especially use some help in the following areas:


Kick-Off Meetings

Sweetheart Banquet: Prep

Sweetheart Banquet: Raffle

Boys Banquet

November Fundraiser


If you are interested in helping in any of those areas,

please contact the Volunteer Coordinator