Get Involved — Volunteer!

As you know, HATS is primarily a Dad led organization, meant to strengthen the relationships with dads and their kids.  While HATS needs to remain a Dad-kid focused organization, we know a lot of Moms would like to help support the HATS organization also.  We appreciate and LOVE that!


There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for moms behind the scenes.  Some of the opportunities can be done from home.  Some have to be done at the HATS office.  Some opportunities are done periodically throughout the year.  Some opportunities are centered around an event and only require a little bit of time right before the event.  Hopefully you can find an opportunity that fits your situation.


Your help is needed!  Complete the Volunteer Interest Survey to find out more information about the various volunteer opportunities and we will be in touch with you.


If you have any questions you can contact the Volunteer Coordinator at vc@highadventuretreks.org.



Important Messages


November Fundraiser help needed

HATS is having a fundraising dinner in November and we could use your help!!

We need help in planning decorations and prep beforehand

as well as help on the day of the event with setting up and checking people in.

Please email vc@highadventuretreks.org if you are interested in helping.


Committee Chairs needed


We still need committee chairpeople for the following committees:


Kick-Off Meetings

Sweetheart Banquet: Prep

Sweetheart Banquet: Raffle

Boys Banquet

Contact Updater

November Fundraiser


If you are interested in leading any of those committees,

please contact the Volunteer Coordinator